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Montréal, abril 04, 2019
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MUTEKLIVE195 - Andrea Ludovic

Andrea Ludovic (VE)

Sunday August 26, 2018 – Studio Hydro-Québec (Basement)
Mastered by Pheek

Who: Venezuelan producer, musician, sound designer, artist and engineer Andrea Ludovic, also known as MsSpknsS
Style: Expressive psychoacoustic effects and noise, deep bass and complex breaks, avant-garde cinematic audiovisual
Labels: MusicaCulpable
More: She's co-founder of experimental net label label Musica Culpable and works with Spanish computer-music instrument maker Retractable Systems as a content editor and audiovisual producer.

Introspective noise meditation, industrial drone and deep synthetic dub converge in Andrea Ludovic's sound experiments. Live, she cuts a dark arc through bass music and invites emotional release through provocative, interconnected sound and visuals.

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