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Montréal, enero 09, 2019
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MUTEKLIVE185 - tinycastles

185 tinycastles 900x670

tinycatsles (CA)

Wednesday August 23, 2018 - Esplanade de la Place des Arts
Mastered by Pheek

Who: Montréal-based musicians Lyndsie Alguire and Thomas Boucher
Style: Delicate, drone-y soundscapes of shimmery guitars, shoegaze-y synths and lush vocal flourishes
Labels: Time Released Sound
Latest: Lull (2017)
More: tinycastles likes to sometimes set their stage with soft objects like Winnie the Pooh-themed teddy bears to create an intimate atmosphere.

Equally referencing post-rock, classical and ambient music, tinycastles eschews structured forms in favour of erratic build-ups propelled by intimate loops. Their sprawling sound weaves together shimmery guitars, synths and lush vocals, coalescing into a symphony of delicate drone musings.

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