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Montréal, enero 09, 2019
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MUTEKLIVE179 - anabasine

anabasine (CA)
Friday August 24, 2018 - MTELUS
Mastered by Pheek

Who: Montréal-based DJ, producer and engineer Danji Buck-Moore, also known as live exploratory drone performer A Picturesque Venus Transit, and one-third of psychedelic art-pop band Slight.
Style: mind-rhythms for the dronefloor; synth slamjams of celestial wonder; cascading harmonies that drift in and out of lucidity
Latest: Leisure Time Future : The Rattlesnake (2016).
More: In collaboration with German artists Henning Fehr and Philipp Rühr, Buck-Moore created Polyrhythm Technoir, a film trilogy examining past, present and future developments of techno-worlds, which has been shown at international events such as Art Basel Miami.

Call them synth slamjams of celestial wonder or cascading harmonies that drift in and out of lucidity, one thing’s for sure: anabasine’s aural experiments in zoning out the percussive clutter and zooming into mind-dripping polyrhythms should be practiced on the regular.

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