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Montréal, noviembre 19, 2018
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MUTEKLIVE174 - Jan Pienkowski

174 Jan Pienkowski 900x670 jpg

Jan Pienkowski (CA)
Saturday August 25, 2018 - Esplanade de la Place des Arts
Mastered by Jan Pienkowski

Who: Montréal-based musician, DJ, sound designer and physicist
Style: Buoyant and shuffling tech-house grooves; beaming, steadily building synth patterns with jazz and world undertones
Labels: Ono Records , Ono Bots
Latest: Little Platypus Had A Big Dream (2016), Night Walk Radio (2013)
More: Pienkowski did the sound design on Minotaur, an experimental NFB short that played at MUTEK 2016 and featured original music by Kid Koala.

Pulling from a diverse palette of emotive textures, border-crossing themes and electroacoustic training, Jan Pienkowski has been serving up his distinctly buoyant and shuffling tech-house grooves for over a decade. Pienkowski’s affection for steadily building synth patterns with jazz and world influences is also informed by his flair for the dramatic.

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