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Montréal, febrero 07, 2018
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MUTEKLIVE158 - Timbre

Timbre (CA)
Tuesday August 22, 2017 - Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT)
Mastered by Pheek

Who: Toronto-based producers Matt and Mark Thibideau (also known as Repair) and German-born, Toronto-based visual artist Markus Heckmann (also known as Wüstenarchitekten)
Style: Deep, dubby atmospheres and motorik movement, bent vintage synths; video signal analyzing experiments, layered abstract geometries.
Labels: Dumb-Unit, Sub-Static, Cynosure, Klangscheiben, Assemble Music, Deep Data
Latest: Re-Purpose Re-Structure (2016, Mark Thibideau), Integration (2016, Matt Thibideau en tant qu'Altitude)
More: Heckman oversees technical operations at Derivative, makers of visual creation software TouchDesigner. The Thibideaus feature in documentary “I Dream of Wires” talking modular synths and their Synclavier system.
MUTEKs: Montréal: 2014, Matt Thibideau and Markus Heckmann; 2012, 2009, Matt Thibideau; 2002, Repair + Dawn

Analogue synthesis shapeshifters Matt and Mark Thibideau experiment in turning machine capabilities into enveloping, beat-driven emotional vectors of sound.

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