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Montréal, julio 16, 2015
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MUTEKLIVE083 - John Tejada


Friday, May 29 - Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal

Tucked away in his home studio, Californian tech house veteran John Tejada has been hatching lush, timeless harmonies that range from the free floating and celestial to the truly pulsating, for nearly two decades. Having trained on drums and the piano at an early age, the prolific producer/DJ/label head has sustained a self avowed appetite for extensive synth noodling and hardware tinkering throughout his career. And yet, to his great credit, Tejada’s gear lust has never gotten in the way of his looping sonics’ emotional high points, nor has his use of patch bays or drum boxes ever been informed by fleeting trends. He has published music on many labels (7th City, Slices of Life, ~scape), launched his own imprint Palette in 1996, and is now part of Kompakt’s esteemed roster. Signs Under Test, his latest LP for the stalwart techno imprint, is rooted in a gorgeous kind of analog tape enhanced nostalgia, with his spacious arrangements facilitating a total immersion into Tejada’s techno dreamland. Also known for his meticulous rhythms and mechanical groove, MUTEK patrons has gotten a second stab at the hefty Tejada catalogue this year, following an energetic 2013 appearance as part of the Kompakt showcase.

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