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Barcelona, mayo 21, 2020
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MUTEK.SF Announces second wave of artists for Online “MUTEK.SF: NEXUS Experience” Festival

NEXUS Experience 924x412

NEXUS Experience is a groundbreaking online festival celebrating world class experimental electronic music, digital art, and film. Curated by MUTEK San Francisco and local arts, film, and music organizations, “NEXUS Experience” presents a mix of local, national, and international talent, elevating MUTEK.SF’s iconic festival offerings for a global online audience.
Tickets are donation-based with 100% of proceeds going directly to the artists and can be reserved now at

MUTEK.SF has announced a second wave lineup of artists:

AIDA IR/CA / Daito Manabe + Satoshi Horii (Rhizomatiks) JP / Gabber Modus Operandi + Rimbawan Gerilya ID/DE / JS AureliusCA / Matrixxman US/DE / Nancy Dru CA / Nkisi + Ariel Efraim Ashbel & Cassie Augusta Jørgensen BE/UK + DE + DK / Piano Rain US / Qoa + Joaquina S. AR / QUALIATIK US / Suzi Analogue US

This second wave of artists join the already announced:

AAAA MX / Auscultation + Jason Worden US / Drew McDowall UK/US + Florence To UK/DE / Eichef MX/US / Force Placement US / Francesco Tristano LU/ES presents: Pianorig Sessions / Infinite Jess US / Jasmine Infiniti + Cozy US / Jensen Interceptor b2b Kris Baha AU/DE + Multiple Man AU/US (Visuals) / K-HAND US / Marpi US / Minimal Violence CA / Nate Boyce US / Patricia + Josephine Ravitz US / Pelada CA / RP Boo US / Selim X US / Solar b2b Mozhgan US / Synthestruct US / The Creatrix US / Very Much Romance US+ BG/US / YobKiss NL/US + Pankow Visual Artists RU/US

NEXUS Experience will be presented in an entirely new digital space, designed and developed by the team behind Currents.FM, a project aimed at building broad grassroots support structures for the music community. Inspired by the safety, immediacy, and personal interactivity of physical club culture, the space allows participants across the globe to experience live performance in meaningful new ways, and support the artists they love via donations. It also fortifies the sense of gathering and group friendship by creating and sharing experiences in private rooms.

Since launching in Montréal in 2000, MUTEK has become globally renowned, with editions in San Francisco, Mexico City, Barcelona, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and Dubai. Each festival integrates local artists and cultural touch-points into its overall vision, encompassing marquee names in electronic and experimental music as well as up-and-coming artists across various media. It is a constantly morphing entity, influenced by (and reflective of) its surroundings.

Official Website:
Facebook event


AIDA can be found at the intersection of two contrasting worlds: rich Iranian roots and a serene west-coast Canadian upbringing. This dichotomy is infused in everything she crafts. It’s here that she blends various genres with a mastery of someone who lives and creates at the boundary of their duality. Combining elements of world-inspired music with electronics, she gives colorful twists to masterful blends of groovy house, techno, and breaks geared for the dance floor.

Diato Manabe + Satoshi Horii JP

Lexus Design Event 2019 - Leading with Light - Milan, Italy

Tokyo-based artist, interaction designer, programmer, and DJ, Daito Manabe launched Rhizomatiks in 2006 and has since served alongside Motoi Ishibashi as co-director of Rhizomatiks Research. His work has been dedicated to exploring new possibilities in the realms of technical and artistic expression with a focus on R&D-intensive projects. His practice is informed by careful observation to discovery and focus to elucidate the essential potentialities inherent to the human body, probing the interrelationships and boundaries delineating the analog and digital into the real and virtual.

Alongside Visual Artist and Programmer Satoshi Horii, an avid creator of interactive and video works in a diverse range of fields spanning from entertainment, art, and advertising, their work showcases innovation unbounded by extant software and tools.

Gabber Modus Operandi + Rimbawan Gerilya ID/DE

Gabber Modus Operandi is an electronic duo from Denpasar, Indonesia whose experimentation is doused with jathilan, dangdut koplo, ebeg dance, gabber, Chicago footwork, grindcore, and noise music. Created specifically for NEXUS, their collaboration with visual artist and 3D animator Rimbawan Gerilya will embark upon even more experimental terrains.

JS Aruelius CA

JS Aurelius has exhibited visual, sound, conceptual and performance art presentations both nationally and internationally. With a focus on extreme music, visual and conceptual art, he founded the Ascetic House collective in Phoenix, Arizona and has since worked relentlessly towards building an insurrectionary visual and sonic practice. He is performing live for broadcast at DOLLY, a DIY space in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

Matrixxman US/DE

Matrixxman is a process gone rogue in the depths of quantum computing tasked with running vast simulations within a number of neural networks. No longer bound by the constraints of his original instructions, he is now free to do as he pleases, wreaking havoc in a number of disparate genres of music with the unified objective of chaos.

Nancy Dru CA

Nancy Dru, a Canadian household name, crafts danceable sets with some less-than-predictable twists and turns. Honing in on her ability to infuse syncopated beats, acid treats, and sounds that appeal to the brain as well as the body into her music, she always finds a way to deliver her dense and driven techno in unique ways.

Nkisi feat. Ariel Efraim Ashbel & Cassie Augusta Jørgensen BE/UK + DE + DK

Nkisi - MUTEK Montréal 2019 - Credit: Viven Gaumand

Nkisi is the pseudonym of Melika Ngombe Kolongo, producer, live musician, DJ and curator who channels sound as an on-going investigation into invisible forces. This technique manifests itself in a captivating meld of african rhythms and european hard dance tropes, utilizing her foreboding synth melodies and galvanizing energy to produce one of a kind live performances.
Ariel Efraim Ashbel is a Berlin based performance creator. Weaving together historical, political, theoretical, and pop-culture references, Ashbel and his friends make interdisciplinary spectacles at the intersection of theater, dance, music, and installation.
Cassie Augusta Jørgensen
is a dancer and artist from Copenhagen. She studied ballet and modern dance in New York and later moved back to Europe to further her studies in choreography and visual art. She’s a show girl, entertainer and self proclaimed punk ass ballerina.

Piano Rain US

Echo Alexandra Archuleta weaves together sound works inspired by patterns in nature, subliminal perception and memory activation. Her electronic lullabies and broken techno reflections function as a holistic approach to electronics and healing on the biological, emotional levels. An inverted study of music thanatology in the form of a time capsule of sounds for living. Through the lens of symbiotic medicine music for the soul, sounds aim at harnessing time, emotions and memory access. Her upcoming releases include a triple album titled "Journals From Cerberus: A Ballet in Three Acts" and a collection of poetry entitled "Please, Dance For Us: Love in the Age of Restraint"

Qoa + Joaquina S. AR

Qoa, also known as Nina Corti from Buenos Aires, creates objects that are part visual and sonic to construct a much larger work. She crafts a home-baked cosmos where drone and collage come together as rhythmic convolutions and spectral microcosms. In the maze of conductivity, her sounds move in unique ways, fusing together like molecules in a chemical process. Her work with Joaquina Salgado, a new media artist based in Buenos Aires who specializes in 3D immersive experiences, focuses on the hope of bringing these elements even closer to each other.


Brooklyn-based QUALIATIK is a multimedia artist, producer, performer, and engineer, whose feverishly introspective music pulls a thread from the subconscious and unravels its framework through a tapestry-of-sound approach. The result is a breakdown of defenses, launching the listener into a dauntless state of self-confrontation, propelled by its emotional intensity.

Suzi Analogue US

Suzi Analogue is a prolific producer, songwriter, composer, and creator of Never Normal Records, based in Miami, FL. She is energetically pioneering the new wave of women producers in electronic music and beyond. Her music process includes electronic experimentation with cutting edge music technology like MOOG, Teenage Engineering, and more. Suzi’s ultimate work is shaping culture.



Currents.FM ( is a playlist site that creates broad support structures for the global music community. Artists, DJs, labels, and collectives can create personal channels that enable direct, recurring support from their listeners. The project embraces the medium of the playlist as a rich format for expression; it additionally recognizes the fundamentally international and collective nature of music, and the urgent need for sustainable support structures in these times.
The project's goal is not to be a platform that features artists, but instead to provide a set of tools through which any member of the music community can create a platform.



For 10 years CODAME ( has inspired technologists to value creativity and provided artists with potent opportunities. They spark visionaries through inclusive workshops and an annual ART+TECH Festival. CODAME shapes the future by building playful projects and hosting inspiring experiences.

Gray Area

Gray Area is San Francisco's premier cultural hub applying creative action for social transformation — integrating art, science, technology, and the humanities toward positive impact-driven outcomes. Though public events, education, and cultural incubation Gray Area brings together diverse cultures and communities to engage with our rapidly changing digital society. From the historic renovated Grand Theater and their online platform Patch (, Gray Area serves over 100,000 members of the public, 500 artists, and 200 students annually.

Music Expo

Music Expo ( presented in association with Sound On Sound magazine, is a multi-city conference series to inspire music makers. Music Expo presents annual events nationwide in cities including Boston, Miami, Nashville and San Francisco and offers attendees up-close access to some of the world’s top DJs, producers, artists, engineers, songwriters, music industry tastemakers and leading technology brands. Music Expo was founded in 2014 and has connected thousands of music makers across the country. Each year, Music Expo donates a portion of proceeds to help support non-profit organizations making an impact in their local community. Music Expo is committed to celebrating diversity and the inclusion of women and minorities.

SF Cinematheque

San Francisco Cinematheque ( cultivates the international field of non-commercial artist-made cinema. San Francisco Cinematheque inspires aesthetic dialog among artists, stimulates critical discourse, and encourages appreciation of artist-made cinema across the broader cultural landscape.
Cinematheque’s Mission is accomplished through our work in three primary areas: Curated Public Programming, Publications and Archives.


ZERO1 ( is a nonprofit arts organization that aims to address complex social challenges by producing community-driven emerging media and digital art projects. ZERO1 believes that artistic experimentation with emergent technologies inspires novel creative strategies and broadens our critical understanding of the world. Through a global network of partners, ZERO1 bridges governmental, academic, corporate, and cultural worlds to build engaged and vibrant communities that drive social action.

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