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noviembre 28, 2019
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MUTEK.JP 2019 3rd wave

Final wave of artists ties down the entire lineup and the daytime program is complete for MUTEK.JP next month!

Producer and DJ, Veronica Vasicka handpicks from industrial new wave music to extract minimal synths and polishes the 80’s signature kick drum into hard techno sets. As head of Minimal Wave records, she has a knack for excavating analog music.
See Vasicka for Nocturne 4 in Liquidroom’s main floor accompanied by Peter Kirn, SO, Dramian and Fake Eyes Production at the Lounge.

On December 13, at the Shibuya Stream Hall, Nocturne 3 will buzz with genre-defying artists. Osaka’s experimental producer Seiho displays R&B and Hip Hop influence into his own sonic narrative. RAMZi brings the dancefloor deep into the wild through polyrhythmic sets to frame greater awareness on endangered species.
Kuniyuki x Soichi Terada x Sauce 81 are deep-rooted names, particularly in Japanese nightlife. The live trio combines skill sets from different musical sensibilities within house music, ambient and even funk.
Opening the night will be French-Korean producer Öspiel, one of the participants of the AI Music Lab. He will present the outcomes of his sonic experimentation around artificial intelligence.
On the same night, MUTEK.JP will collaborate with the feminist party WAIFU, which will showcase sets by Katimi Ai, Chloé Juliette, Mari Sakurai.

A special collaboration between Bonsai Master Masahi Hirao and Producer, DJ and writer Saskiatokyo. They will be followed by CD HATA x KOYAS a collaborative project with artists of different musical backgrounds. CD HATA is a techno producer and is part of psychedelic band Dachambo. KOYAS is a certified Ableton instructor and is the founder of Ableton Meetup Tokyo. Mayu Amano part of Tsubaki FM radio, a microcosm promoting independent music to finalize the second stage of Nocturne 2.

After the main program of the festival is done, EDGEof will host the official MUTEK.JP afterparty on Sunday, December 15, inviting American producer and singer vōx and Japanese composer Sebu Hiroko for a special treat bringing closure to the festivities.


This is Québec is a unique international series to introduce the vibrant digital creative industries of the Canadian province to local and international partners. A delegation of Québec producers will share their work through an immersive showcase.
The digital creative fields include VR, interactive installations, innovative storytelling, and creative technologies at Hikarie Hall A, December 11 to 13.

Considering MUTEK’s native roots in Montreal and foothold in 6 different countries, MUTEK forms a collaborative paradigm with Xn Québec to bring forth a joint conference program during the showcase and festival next month.
The conference brings together Canadian and Japanese representatives from renowned companies, organizations, and institutions such as Moment Factory, KDDI, Sony CSL, Square Enix, YAMAHA, MUTEK, Elektra, Phi Centre, the Society for Arts and Technology, the University of Tokyo, the City of Montreal and many more! The topic areas will cover The Future of Entertainment, Digital Arts, Immersive Environments, and the Cities of Tomorrow. The joint conference program at “This is Québec” is set over two days, on December 12-13, from 11:00 to 17:00 at Hikarie Hall Foyer A.
Access to the conference is free of charge.


To expand creative networks MUTEK.JP curates several free daytime programs with innovative advancement and social exchange at its core.
Segments will include panel discussions, keynote presentations, workshops, and conferences.

Digi Lab is a point of convergence for professionals, artists, as well as the public to jointly explore, discuss and even play! Becoming an annual tradition Derivative returns to Tokyo with an intermediate TouchDesigner workshop taking place on December 13 and 14, at Shibuya QWS.
Join in panels with femme empowering collective WAIFU and a keynote by Robert Henke, on Friday, December 13th at Stream Hall 4F.
Move to EDGEof on Saturday, December 14th to get production tips with Music Maker Sessions led by Ableton and dive into the final results from the MUTEK.JP AI Music lab, which will be publicly shared and performed, on Sunday, December 15th!
December 15 will also see a Co-Writing session by Japanese composers and producers KIMIKA and Okajima Kanata hosted by EDGEof.

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