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Montréal, junio 09, 2020
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Forum IMG 2019 : Art, Technology and Society "Imagining Our Digital Futures"

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The 2019 Forum IMG, part of the MUTEK festival week for the first time, focused on current artistic creation, technological innovation, the ecosystem of the digital arts and industries and the societal challenges of our digital cultures. Under the general theme of imagining our digital futures, the content explored a wide range of innovative artistic practices that make use of new technologies while questioning their ethical and political impact on our current and future lives.

For professionals, practitioners, creative companies and the curious alike, the three days of lectures, panels and master classes highlighted the work of some of the most innovative creators and international professionals, as well as the richness of the local Montréal scene.

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Here is a selection of recordings made during the event:

Keynote Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff US

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 — Les Studios des 7 Doigts
Named one of the world’s 10 most influential intellectuals by MIT, Douglas Rushkoff studies human autonomy in the digital age. In 2019, he opened Forum IMG with the "Team Human" keynote, and invited us to remake society toward human ends rather than the end of humans.

MUTEK IMG 5 Douglas Rushkoff

Creating Innovative Light Installations by Joanie Lemercier FR/BE and Juliette Bibasse FR/BE

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 — Les Studios des 7 Doigts
Joanie Lemercier and Juliette Bibasse present the innovative light installations produced by Studio Joanie Lemercier.
With the support of the Consulate General of France in Québec

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Relief Effort by Ellie Irons US, Heather Davis US, Joanie Lemercier FR/BE and Julian Oliver DE/NZ

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 — Les Studios des 7 Doigts
As the planet warms at an alarming rate, what responsibility do the digital arts and creative industries have for the ecological footprint of the tools, technologies, and infrastructures they rely on? Drawing on environmental activism in the Extinction Rebellion movement and stateside, and creative explorations of the anthropocene, this session will consider how artists, designers, and cultural producers can use their platform to not just raise awareness but do activism.
Moderation by Julia Kaganskiy Tentacular Festival US
Presented by HOLO Magazine and Creative Applications Network

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Worldbuilding for Nonhumans by Lawrence Lek UK

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 — Les Studios des 7 Doigts
Lawrence Lek discusses his use of fictional artists and artificial protagonists in video games, 3D animation and virtual reality. This conversation with Yuriko Furuhata connects Lek’s work to current debates in media studies.
Moderation by Yuriko Furuhata – McGill University JP/QC
Presented in collaboration with McGill University, with the support of the William Dawson Scholar of Cinema and Media History at McGill University

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Making Kin with the Machines by Jason Edward Lewis US/QC and Suzanne Kite US/QC

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 — Les Studios des 7 Doigts
Jason Edward Lewis and Suzanne Kite, members of the research network Initiative for Indigenous Futures, share their work on kin networks between humans and machines.
Moderation by Angela Gabereau – RDnote CA/QC
Presented in collaboration with Initiative for Indigenous Futures and Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace

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Algorithmic Colonialism by Rumman Chowdhury US

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 — Les Studios des 7 Doigts
Algorithmic Colonialism is the keynote presented by Rumman Chowdhury about the development of artificial intelligence technologies on the African continent.
Moderation by Alexandra Ketchum - McGill University CA/QC
As part of the Feminist and Accessible Publishing/ Communications/ and Technologies Practices Speaker and Workshop Series.
Presented by LANDR. In collaboration with McGill University.

MUTEK IMG 5 Rumman Chowdhury 900x670
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