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San Francisco, marzo 07, 2018
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First Wave Details for San Francisco Festival

MUTEK is pleased to announce the festival’s first foray into the United States, taking place in San Francisco this May. The groundbreaking electronic music festival will present works by musicians from the Bay Area and around the world at 9 venues across the city, including Bimbo’s, Gray Area Grand Theatre, Herbst Theatre, Heron Arts, the San Francisco Mint, Mezzanine, The Midway, and more. MUTEK.SF will present live electronic music performances, art installations, audiovisual works, panel discussions, food vendors, and more, adding up to a mind-bendingly eclectic yet cohesive experience for fans in the U.S. The spirit of the San Francisco underground will permeate the weekend, as the city’s potent mixture of technological innovation, intellectualism, immigration, and futurism provides a backdrop for MUTEK.SF’s programming trajectory.

The performances will be separated into four unique tracks: Digi Lab, A/Visions, Nocturne, and Experience. The San Francisco festival is helmed by two co-directors with deep ties to the electronic music world locally and worldwide: Miroslav Wiesner, founder of Surefire Agency, and Gabrielle de Villoutreys, founder of Les Plages Electroniques, Moga Festival, and more.

Since launching in Montréal in 2000, MUTEK has become globally renowned, launching editions in Mexico City, Barcelona, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, and Dubai. Each festival integrates local artists and cultural touch-points into its overall vision, encompassing marquee names in electronic and experimental music as well as up-and-coming artists across various media. It is a constantly morphing entity, influenced by (and reflective of) its surroundings. MUTEK is excited to join San Francisco’s cultural landscape, and seeks to redouble the city’s reputation as a hotbed of musical and artistic experimentation — a city where boundaries are pushed, or perhaps even discarded altogether.

MUTEK.SF has announced an initial lineup of artists:

214 (US) / Article C (US) / artificiel (CA) / Bézier (US) / Austin Cesear (US) / Braille & Chelley Sherman (US) / Christina Chatfield (US) / Convextion (US) / Debit (US) / Equiknoxx (JM) / Francesco Tristano feat. Derrick May (LU+US) / Galaxy 2 Galaxy (US) / Indy Nyles (US) / Jackie House (US) / Joanie Lemercier (BE) / Jesse Woolston (NZ) / Kyoka (JP) / Lee Gamble (UK) / Michela Pelusio (IT) / Night Sea (US) / Nonotak (FR/JP) / Orphx (CA) / Perera Elsewhere (UK) / Roche (US) / rRoxymore & Trece Cielos (FR+MX) / Russell E.L. Butler (US) / Secret Sidewalk (US) / Siete Catorce & PE/COO (MX) / Solar & C.L.A.W.S. (US) / Tim Hecker (CA) / Telefon Tel Aviv (US) / Topazu (US) / Vague Terrain (US) / Watkins & Peacock (US) / Woulg & Push 1 stop (CA)

More artists will be announced in the coming weeks.

The full festival passport for the first edition is now on sale at $150 USD.

MUTEK.SF will be presenting its festival programming with support from the Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco, the Consulate General of France in San Francisco, and the Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco.

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