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San Francisco, noviembre 20, 2017
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Announcing a First Edition in San Francisco, May 3-6 2018

Helmed by two co-directors with deep experience in the electronic music milieu, Surefire Agency founder Miroslav Wiesner and international events maestra Gabrielle de Villoutreys, MUTEK lands in San Francisco May 2018.

Wiesner’s first encounter with the Montréal festival was through his agency work and he has been attending since 2008: “I had never been to a festival so meticulously curated, so well conceived and so cohesive in presentation. I knew I would be a devotee from the start but I didn't expect it to feel as familial as it did.” San Francisco, a rarified zone of technology and innovation, where immigration, permutation, intellectualism, and futurism come together, is a prime candidate for a MUTEK. He adds, “the intersection of art, music, and technology combined with the adaptive nature of the city, its accessible size, the concentration of ideas and its constant supply of curious travelers make San Francisco an ideal location for the first American MUTEK edition. The community needs this now more than ever as the old and the new establish their coexistence and find connections in culture and expression.

Lineup and venue announcements are coming in the next weeks. In the meantime, MUTEK.SF seeks proposals from American artists and those residing in the area.

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Call for Project Proposals

Artists from California and the USA working on projects exploring new aesthetic avenues in digital creation and electronic music are invited to submit their projects to us.

The kinds of work we're especially interested in are:

  • Live, predominantly electronic music performances suitable for venues of all sizes including 360 audio environments;
  • Live audiovisual performances featuring innovative use of digital imagery and sound where the audio and visual are considered a singular entity;
  • Prerendered, short form audiovisual performances for a projected dome environment;
  • Multimedia projects involving interactive urban installations and architectural mapping creations;
  • Interactive, audiovisual, kinetic, and/or sculptural installations that could be imagined existing in social space or as encounters on sites and in venues occupied by the festival;
  • Gallery-ready (wall and/or ceiling) installations and interactive experiences for daytime programming;
  • Any projects that push boundaries and challenge conventions in the digital creation sphere.

We strongly encourage applicants to accompany their submissions with live video recordings of their projects. MUTEK is dedicated to presenting live performances; DJ mixes will not considered.

The submission deadline for all MUTEK.SF proposals is closed.

Due to the historical volume of submissions, artists will only be contacted if they have been selected to perform at the festival.

We would like to thank all candidates in advance for their interest!

The MUTEK.SF team

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