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Sol RezzaAR

Sol Rezza<sup>AR</sup>
Sol RezzaAR

Sol Rezza (b. April 7, 1982, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a composer, audio engineer and radio producer, specialist in sound design and composition in the field of experimental music and radio art. Her works of sound experimentation create immersive sound environments through the transformation of field recordings, effects and surround sound.
With an atypical professional career, Rezza works in various fields related to sound; from live performances, experimental radio compositions to the creation of atmospheres and/or sound effects for digital media, video games, films as well as art installations. Through her works, she studies two main axes: the way in which we perceive time and space through our senses and how sounds influence said perception.
She has participated to various festivals and residences including: Tsonami Festival (2019), Radio Art Residency—Radio Corax (2018), Hörspielsommer Leipzig (2016), CTM Festival (2015), SONORAS. Mujeres En El Arte Sonoro (2014), Sonophilia: Lincoln’s Festival of Sound and Music (2014), Hörlursfestival (2013), Roundhouse Netaudio London Festival (2011). She also teaches workshops and give talks about the different aspects of the production and performance of experimental sound works and audio engineering.

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