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Romy MatsJP

Romy Mats<sup>JP</sup>
Romy MatsJP

Born in 1994, based on Tokyo. He organizes "解体新書 (Kaitai-Shinsho)“ that introducing electronic music from worldwide underground to Japan with its own perspective. 'Kaitai-Shinsho' has continued to develop in scale and depth in the Tokyo scene, moving from Saloon to WWWβ to Contact Tokyo while featuring various artists from Japan and abroad. He works as a writer / editor / journalist under his real name Hiromi Matsubara, and he acts as chief editor of "Higher Frequency" that long-established Japanese electronic music media. He use his experiences as a writer / journalist / organizer in contact with dance music for track selection as a DJ, with a theme of tradition and innovation, urban and paradise, harmony and chaos, he will face a mix that goes beyond the boundaries of the context with a broad perspective.


Writer, promoter and DJ Hiromi Matsubara aka Romy Mats