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TJ Norris (Annex Ink)US

TJ Norris (Annex Ink)<sup>US</sup>
TJ Norris (Annex Ink)

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TJ Norris is a Pacific Northwest-based multimedia artist, independent contemporary art curator, gallerist and freelance cultural writer.He has written for Signal to Noise, e|i Magazine,,, Grooves Magazine, Leonardo Magazine/MIT Press, Igloo Magazine, Idio Magazine, Paris Transatlantic, Port and Vital Weekly to name a few. Panelist at Decibel Festival (Seattle) and the Intransitive Festival (Boston). Has collaborated with artists as diverse as Scanner, Nobukazu Takemura, Asmus Tietchens, Sue Costabile, Xela, Leif Elggren, Thomas Koner, Richard Chartier and many others.Releases:'Tribryd: Installation Soundtracks' (Beta-lactam Ring Records, 2003, CD) 'triMIX' (Innova/American Composers Forum, 2006, CD/DVD) (See review: The Wire, May 2007)