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tINYLITTLEeLEMENTS is the joint project of graphic artist, Lia and media-artist/musician Sebastian Meissner (also known as Klimek or Random_Inc, or for his network platform Intifada Offspring). Lia's web projects, videos, installations and live visuals have been presented at some of the major art festivals in Europe, America and Asia. This Vienna based graphic programmer, has recently co-curated (with Miguel Carvalhais) the online exhibition and the Medialounge of 'Abstraction Now' at the Kunstlerhaus in Vienna. As for Sebastian Meissner, he works as a media artist, sound designer and photographer/filmmaker; clearly, his multi-layered artistic personality (as his numerous monikers will attest to) works to his advantage. Drawing from the resources of their individual projects, their collaboration involves exploring the relationship of intuitive, software-based audio-visual compositions performed as a cross-platform duo. Cooperating as performers on audio-visual interactions and improvising on audio-sensitive graphic applications programmed by Lia, the duo's synergy of flair creates dense and multifaceted abstractions of complex beauty.