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Priori & BunBunCA/QC

Priori & BunBun<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Priori & BunBun

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Forging cosmic, frenetic techno and IDM creations out of the remains of the past, Priori's productions are euphoric, layered, and organic all at once, Francis Latreille crafts unique dance music that pierces the veil of musical reality and opens up open up new spaces.

Raised in Longueuil Quebec, Latreille stumbled into techno through an accidental Kazaa download, which led to an obsession with dance music and the creation of the Francis Oak moniker. Following a residency at Montréal’s Le Bleury Bar à Vinyle, and a friendship with Patrick Holland that birthed 2016’s warmly nostalgic Jump Source project, Latreille decided to form the NAFF label alongside fellow Montreal producer Adam Feingold.

For HYBRID - CUTTING EDGE CANADA, Latreille will perform a live set informed by the worlds of science fiction and fantasy that are so dear to him, broadcasting subtly emotional futuristic compositions galaxy-wide. Expect a zero-gravity journey guided by a prolific, psychedelic house expert.

Bun Bun

In wildly kinetic and colourful projection mapping, video, laser lighting and LED stage displays, BunBun concocts a visual carnival embedded in electronic music. BunBun has performed live at international festivals such as Bass Coast, Eclipse, Igloofest, Valhalla Sound Circus and AIM as well as festival afterparties and local underground events, reflecting the beat and mood of the music and elevating the audiovisual experience for event goers. At MUTEK, BunBun adds a uniquely animated, high-energy ingredient to Saturday night's captivating sounds.