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Pheek vs Off the SkyCA/US

Pheek vs Off the Sky<sup>CA/US</sup>
Pheek vs Off the Sky

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The meeting between Jason Corder (Off the Sky) and Jean-Patrice Rémillard (Pheek) was relatively recent. It was the Internet label Thinner that presided over their coming together, establishing that the two possessed the same approach within the same genre of sound, both utilising hazy, flowing layers with superimpositions of micro-sounds and percussion in the foreground. Comfortably exchanging ideas and files over the Internet for 2 years, the Kentucky artist and the Montreal artist worked together on developing an album appearing under the name 'Social System' on Pheek's label, Archipel. Engineered toward atmospheric music and 'dub' nuances, their musical presence is both rhythmically and melodically inclined, uniting their strengths as individual artists. Their convergence during MUTEK represents a rare occasion for them to meet up in mind and body...and it allows us to be among the first to witness their synergy as a unit.