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Nego MoçambiqueBR

Nego Moçambique<sup>BR</sup>
Nego Moçambique

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The sonic universe of Marcelo Martins (Nego Moçambique) is situated where the confluence of breakbeats, house, hip-hop, funk, techno, electro, and Brazilian music occurs.

Drawing their richness from within the diversity of their references and their influences, reserving a place of choice for rhythms and micro-details, his compositions are the product of a fusion of all these elements into one single genre with the Brazilian accent, as he likes to reveal. Without ever falling into the clichés of the tourists' macumba or the minimalisms of Funk carioca, this Brazilian performance promises a window to warmth and escape.

Therefore, it's no accident that he was chosen to bring the sixth edition of MUTEK, devoted to voyage and discovery, to a close. A well deserved pleasure to signal the end of the week's festivities-not to be missed!


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