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Melchior Productions<sup>DE</sup>
Melchior Productions

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Do you know Thomas Melchior? You ponder, but nothing seems to materialize by way of familiarity; your mind is cluttered with names and references...and yet, if you were at all concerned with the electronic scene over the last ten years, his work is surely not as unknown as you may think. His pseudonyms are abundant-Blipvert, Ohm, Vulva, Yoni, Soul Capsule-and chronicle more than 18 years of service to the electronic scene. Each one corresponds to a particular area among research, effective rhythms, emotive forces of melodies, and diverse explorations of analogue and computer-based sonic material. Incessantly on a mission for the perfect groove, this composer captures his audience with a heated style of music, which is both engrossing and irresistibly seductive. Without wanting to pigeonhole him into the role of obscure producer, just because his creative genius prefers the warmth of a studio over any media arts engagements, Thomas Melchior's MUTEK visit is a rare occasion to see him live and to celebrate his recent return to performing.


Perlon, Playhouse, Trelik