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Matt Thibideau & Markus HeckmannCA

Matt Thibideau & Markus Heckmann<sup>CA</sup>
Matt Thibideau & Markus Heckmann

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Isolation presents itself in industrial and natural environments during the cold months of winter. This live performance will capture moments of this Industrial, abandoned and also very organic soundscapes using Matt Thibideau's ambient pieces that have been released on his “Obsolete Components” records "Reclusion" and "Maligne".

It is an experience of self, which will be delivered by Matt Thibideau on his analog and sampling synthesizers and Markus Heckmann on Visuals using TouchDesigner. Matt Thibideau’s productions for the reclusion project are based on being alone with yourself in vast terrains. Performed in his personal studio in Toronto, Matt will use samples of those vast terrains. Manipulations of the sound and placements will all be performed live on his machines. Midi data from Matt’s performance will be sent to Markus Heckmann to further be manipulated and combined with his visuals in a Virtual Gallery.