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Kapital Band 1DE

Kapital Band 1<sup>DE</sup>
Kapital Band 1

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A violoncellist of profound aptitude, a contemporary of Toshimaru Nakamura among others, Nicholas Bussman (electronics – member of Beige Oscillator and Ich Schwitze Nie) together with Martin Brandlmayr (drums and percussions – member of Radian and Trapist) have formed a partnership ideal for creating music that begged only to exist before Kapital Band 1. Unsatisfied with already being associated with significant side projects, the two artists decided to compose together soon after their first meeting; it seems their ideas on what they perceived as [not irony-free] 'pop' and 'funk' meshed effortlessly. Creating a stripped-down version of pop with room for new aesthetics is only one element exhibiting their mastery at shuffling the deck of predictability: their first 'double CD' was effectively one album purposely packaged with a blank CD-R! But you can decide for yourself. What is irrefutable, however, are the talents of Brandlmayr on drums and the digital abstractions from Bussman, as the duo displays a ferocious resolve for implicating the listener by instigating certain challenges. Surmounting these challenges can only come from personally experiencing their music!