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Juliette LusvenFR/QC

Juliette Lusven<sup>FR/QC</sup>
Juliette Lusven

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Juliette Lusven is an interdisciplinary visual artist and researcher. Her exploratory and processual approach is inspired by geosciences and perceptive and technological visualization processes in regard to terrestrial and oceanic space. She creates different forms of installations and spatial compositions that are at once sculptural, photographic and videographic. Her research questions our relationship to the world in relation to technological interconnectivity, its terrestrial materiality, flows (natural and artificial), perception and scale relationships. She is currently pursuing a PhD in art studies and practices at UQÀM where she is developing the project Exploration.135. Her research has been supported by Hexagram and deepened at the Geotop laboratory. Her work was recently exhibited at the Agora Hydro-Québec during the Nuit des idées (2020) and will soon be shown at the Elektra gallery (Montréal).