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Nishimura MarikoJP

Nishimura Mariko<sup>JP</sup>
Nishimura MarikoJP

Graduated from International Christian University in Tokyo JAPAN, Mariko
Nishimura started her career as an IT engineer at IBM Japan. After her
career at Adobe Systems as a field marketing manager, she founded HEART
CATCH Inc. in 2014. As a producer who connects business, creative and
technologies beyond borders, she starts not only projects of her own
company but various projects ranging from start-ups, enterprises, and
government projects. In 2020, she founded HEART CATCH LA in Los Angeles, USA. She is also working on projects in the US.

J-Startup(Japanese Gov leads Startup program) supporters, Art Thinking
Collective(ESCP Business School, Paris) Executive Producer in Japan, a
committee for METI(Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry)
Study Group for Creativity for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an
Adjunct Professor at Musashino Art University in Tokyo.