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Me & Myself<sup>MX</sup>
Me & MyselfMX

Me & Myself is the moniker of Alfredo Ramirez, an omnivorous listener turned into one of the most exciting producers from the Mexico City electronic music scene. He often locates his early enthusiasms related with music in rock, folk, blues, R'n'B and classic music composers, just before including in a long list those genres and artists that inspired him when his interest in sound design, synthetic sounds and rhythmic patterns were born: ambient, house, techno, dub, Squarepusher, Autechre, Bibio, Muziq, Flying Lotus...

After studying audio engineering, he could merge all those influences with an endless and ambitious pursuit: recreating himself in every new production.

Thereby, he has managed to create a unique style in constant progress, always concerned with the creation of new exciting soundscapes, hybrid atmospheres and intriguing alleys among genres.


Me & Myself is the moniker of Alfredo Ramirez