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Isotone StudioQC

Isotone Studio<sup>QC</sup>
Isotone StudioQC

Bar Rubinstein y Félix Bonjour, Co-founders y digital artists Isotone Studio

The intention as direction, from a point to a shape, from technology to emotions, Isotone dives into the digital worlds seeking for new creative horizons.

Isotone Studio was co-founded in 2018 by the four audiovisual artists Bar Rubinstein, Lilian Guiran, Hugo Fournier and Félix Bonjour. Their work is defined by experimentation, exploring the vast possibilities of digital arts thanks to their multiple experiences in the fields involved. By the diversity of their artistic paths, they try to build a unique way of expressing themselves through the varied skills they rely on. From musical composition, painting and creative coding, they aim to always prioritise the sensitive part over the technical aspect of the project. As poetry will still be their main source of inspiration, they seek to find the right ways to express the intimate emotions driving their projects. Their relations in the studio are based on respect and consideration, they try to reflect this state of mind in every installation, performance or collaboration they come across.. The first years of practice took place in Montreal, they now work between the regions of Québec and France.

NUANCES is a real-time immersive audiovisual installation created by the Isotone studio in May 2023.