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Alba G. CorralES/CAT

Alba G. Corral<sup>ES/CAT</sup>
Alba G. CorralES/CAT

Alba G. Corral uses the code as paint brushes. Through programming, she creates detailed landscapes that oscillate between naturalistic memories and a strong dose of abstraction. In the last decade, Alba has expanded her background in computer engineering to create video, installations and live performances that have positioned her as one of the most prolific digital artists in Cataluña, where she also teaches visual programming for artists. and designers.

Among the multiple platforms in which she displays her landscapes are collaborations with musicians, with whom she develops audiovisual performances with drawing via code carried out in real time.

Alba G. Corral is part of this edition's #FrenteCatalan together with Marina Herlop, Tarta Relena, Albert-Barque Durán and Shoeg. Her participation is possible thanks to Institut Ramon Llull.


Visual artist, coder and teacher Alba G. Corral.


Entremaliat, intervention on the façade of the Kursaal Conference Center and Auditorium with generative visuals.


Alba maintains two constant collaboration with pianist, Hara Alonso and Carles Viarnès -each independently, with whom she has developed several live audiovisuals that have been presented at various international festivals.