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Montréal, April 18, 2018
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VR Salon: VR (Anti) Manifesto #2 | MUTEK_IMG 2018

VR Salon VR Anti Manifesto 2 MUTEK IMG 2018

What happens when reality and virtual reality intersect? Beyond games, sci-fi and straight up science, how do we code VR in the non-fiction spaces of art, journalism, documentary? What does VR really mean for these realities? What are the limitations and ethics of that code? What does it mean to ‘construct’ reality — to engineer emotions? 18 months after the original (Anti) Manifesto presented during MUTEK_IMG and Doc Circuit Montréal in November 2016, we convene again to read the metrics and assess our progress.

Presented in collaboration with Doc Circuit Montréal (RIDM’s industry event) and in association with VR:RV, a German-Canadian Exchange in Virtual Reality by the Goethe-Institut.

Moderated by: Ana Serrano — Canadian Film Center (CA).

Panelists: Annina Zwettler — ARTE Germany (DE), Liam Young — Tomorrow's Thoughts Today (UK), Louis-Richard Tremblay — ONF (CA), Myriam Achard — Phi Centre (CA), Sandra Rodriguez — EyeSteelFilm_Creative Reality (CA)

VR Salon VR Anti Manifesto 2 MUTEK IMG 2018
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