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Barcelona, February 12, 2021
Network Billboard list Interconectividad, exploración y mutación

Virtual Mutek 05

Faced with the unusual scenario of 2020, MUTEK developed an online platform focused on adapting the "live" experience into the virtual stage: As a festival that celebrates digital creativity, such an adaptation was a natural fit.

During the development of the virtual platform, such a broad spectrum was found, that emulating the live experience was only one variant in a universe of possibilities. Just as a living organism would do, explored, mutated and adapted according to what was dictated by each of the editions of the festival in which it was presented.

For the MUTEK.ES+AR 2021 edition, presents its most evolved version yet, offering a platform that will strengthen the bridges between artistic communities in Europe and Latin America, and will also provide the opportunity to get closer and connect as never before.

Below is a brief description of four features that, from the second week of April, will be accessible on

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Virtual Rooms:

Three rooms that, in parallel, will host more than 30 performances, of unique visual and sound qualities, broadcast live from Barcelona and Buenos Aires, in addition to the presentations that will add the MUTEK Connect program with shows broadcasted from the other MUTEK venues: Montreal, Mexico and Japan.

It is worth noting that each room will feature a real-time chat where you can talk with the artists encouraging conversations about the shows you are watching.


Conference room where a selection of MUTEK Symposium and Digi Lab masterclasses and presentations will be offered, organized by artists in the fields of sound design and digital creativity.

Virtual Mutek 07

Virtual Gallery:

A museum space that will be maintained throughout the festival and will feature a curated selection of VR, AI, video and immersive sound pieces. Each artist will have adapted their work to the platform's formats, ensuring its greatest potential and enjoyment.

Listening Room:

Virtual space that will offer a continuous selection of live performances recorded at MUTEK over the past 20 years.

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Virtual Mutek 05
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