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April 16, 2021
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TouchDesigner workshop day MUTEK.ES+AR


For the Spanish-speaking community wanting a fast-track on working with TouchDesigner

This workshop will provide a good basis to gain an initial understanding of workflows, concepts and techniques while equipping attendees with the knowledge to start creating interactive / generative setups. Join us online Wednesday April 28th. for an intensive TouchDesigner day!

Tickets here.


Activity breakdown

1. 11am – 12:30pm (GMT-3) | Luciano Toledo (Tolch).
Title: Introduction to TouchDesigner

Tolch will begin by showing some completed TouchDesigner projects to show the the software’s infinite use possibilities. He will then give an introduction to the software interface going through the families of operators, ops snippets and palette, and finish off with developing some practical examples combining different basic connection systems with the participants.
[30 min Q&A]

2. 1pm – 2:30pm (GMT-3) | Pao Olea
Title: PBR and Audio Visualization

In the second segment Pao will cover advanced materials such as PBR and audio visualization applied to materials, such as displacement. Provided there is enough time Pao will give an explanation of making loops in TouchDesigner.
[30 min Q&A]

3. 3pm – 4:30pm (GMT-3) | Markus Heckmann
Title: Starfield System via Pointclouds and Instancing

In the third section Markus Heckmann will work through pointclouds and the use of instancing in TouchDesigner to create a Starfield system with the participants.

[Wrap Session]


About Tolch
Audiovisual artist, born in Buenos Aires, constantly searching and exploring new possibilities in the field of digital art, crossing areas such as interactivity, machine learning and audiovisual systems. Currently creating and developing learning content for the TD spanish community. At the site Qualia.Social he develops different tutorials and videos explaining technics step by step.

About Pao Olea
Paola Olea is a digital artist from Santiago, Chile. Using creative coding her work focuses on constant exploration and research of movement and form to offer visual experiences on screen and in physical environments. Instagram: pao.olea Website:

About Markus Heckmann
Markus Heckmann is a Technical Director with Derivative where his work spans the areas of education, customer support and feature development in artistic and commercial settings alike.


Note that these workshops are intended for the Spanish-speaking community and that there will be no translation to English.

Cover picture: “Pointcloud Rendering of Kadokawa's Tokorozawa Campus with TouchDesigner". Credit: Think and Sense.

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