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Mexico, August 04, 2017

The first event of 2017 will have Lotic, Jlin and Wasted Fates as guests.

With only days before MUTEK Montréal begins, here in Mexico we decided to celebrate big time with a unique and one-of-a-kind event: the confirmed artists for our series of exclusive NANO events are Jlin, Lotic and Wasted Fates. In our insatiable quest for new experiences for our audience, MUTEK brings together three artist which mix diversity and the unusual. In this second year of NANO events, and in the context the Edition 18 of our Canadian forefathers, this is the very first time these three will share the same space, while each one will offer something unique to give us a memorable night of unstoppable dancing.

LOTIC (US) is a Berlin-based American producer, who will have his first show on MUTEK Montréal and his second in Mexico. Member of the Janus Collective, he promises to captivate with his uncommon techno full of eroticism.

JLIN (US), the American producer Jerrylinn Patton, pleased us in her last year’s presentation in MUTEK.MX at the Foto Museo de Cuatro Caminos. In May she released her second LP called Black Origami and with her electrifying footwork she will surely take us to discover new sound pathways.

WASTED FATES (MX), aka Octavio Kh, is a Monterrey producer and a self-taught multimedia artist. He is member of the N.A.A.F.I. collective and Extasis Records; he has been in Mexico’s most important electronic music festivals with his high intensity club music.

Get your tickets here and set the date for Thursday, August 17 at Foro Normandie (López 15, Col. Centro).

Early Bird: $350 (MXN)
Box Office: $400 (MXN)


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