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Montréal, November 19, 2018
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175 LADA 900x670

Saturday August 25, 2018 - Esplanade de la Place des Arts
Mastered by Pheek

Who: Russian-born, Berlin-based Dasha Rush and German producer Lars Hemmerling (half of L & G Hemmerling, Asyncron and 4 Creators with brother Gunnar).
Style: Dark melodic techno, industrial bass and noise, thick ambient atmospheres
Labels: Raster-Noton, Full panda, Hunger to Create, Sonic Groove
Latest: LADA (2017), Rush: Acid Sketch EP (2018); Hemmerling: Space Bolero EP (2016)
More: Dasha Rush has proved her audiovisual acumen, and a poetic bent for environmental science and physics in the abstract atmospheres of screen projects like Antarctic Takt and Dark Hearts of Space.

Mysterious, intense and created for the fervour of live performance, LADA combines the Berlin underground techno chops of Dasha Rush and Lars Hemmerling: a culmination of the artists' extolled talents and a search for dance music's missing elements, fusing echoing vocals, radio transmissions and synthetic glitches, off-kilter beats and pummelling rhythms.

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