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Montréal, March 18, 2016
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MUTEKLIVE101 - Different Fountains

101 Different Fountains 900x670

Friday, May 29

Broken techno, loose house beats and a smattering of new wave Dadaesque poetry fuse in the leftfield music of the Brussels duo comprised of Bernardo Risquez, originally from Venezuela, and Austrian producer Michael Langeder. Inspired by exotic rhythms, deep funk and the architecture of urban life (they met in Caracas while studying at the Faculty for Architecture and Urban Design), Different Fountains experiments in a realm of music that won’t stay still for long, creating textured yet spacious atmospheres to unwind in. After releasing an EP as JBLA, (with other collaborators) that also featured remixes from L.I.E.S. artists, Risquez and Langeder became Different Fountains, creating a series of bespoke EPs from 2012 to 2014 on their Different Fountains Editions (DFE) label, including remixes by Karen Gwyer, Madteo, Bepotel and Sagat. Soon after, they collaborated with the Belgian Meakusma imprint to debut their mesmeric first album Shrimp That Sleeps. Augmenting their music in performance, Langeder integrates displays of light in his urban soundscapes, while on a similar path, Bernardo represents the rhythms of the city and its people through intriguing audiovisual arrangements.

Mastered by LANDR

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