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Montréal, November 02, 2015
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MUTEKLIVE090 - Stärker


Friday, May 29 - Métropolis

An astute synth and noise project forged from a collaboration between Montréal stringed instrument experimenters Frederic Arbour and Martin Dumais, Stärker comes on like an awaited storm of enthralling dark drones and barbed rhythms. As one half of Stärker, musician and audiovisual artist Arbour – founder of dark ambient label Cyclic Law – embraces the weight of his power electronics tinged music projects Instincts, Visions, Skroneg and Havan, while Dumais, of Montréal underground mainstay AUN and formerly of Les Jardiniers, deploys layers of distortion and heavy reverb. Stärker’s sound on recent EPs for Italy’s Concrete Records (home to Minilogue, Tomas Jirku and Voices From the Lake) and Montréal’s Sans Issue, draw inspiration from the austere brutalist architecture movement of the ‘50s, melding buried, deep space melodies with their machines’ persistent pulses.

Mastered by LANDR.

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