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Montréal, June 07, 2019
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MUTEK Montreal 2019: Nocturne Series

MUTEK Montreal 2019 Nocturne Series

Nocturne 1

August 20, 2019 — from 9pm to 1am
Opening night on Tuesday takes place at the Agora Hydro-Québec in the Coeur des sciences and features an electronic cabaret of songcraft with the dada-pop of locals Tamayugé, breezy Balearic, French-infused tunes from Latvian duo Domenique Dumont, retro-future melodies and visual worlds from Montréalers Organ Mood, and the downtempo groove and analog A/V stylings of Expansys.
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Lucas Paris — © S. Caron

Nocturne 2

August 21, 2019 — from 9pm to 1am
Wednesday inaugurates the Studio 1 at Les Studios les 7 Doigts with a program meant to complement the theory and discussion being presenting during Forum IMG with a live praxis of audiovisual ingenuities, featuring: Lucas Paris with the world premiere of his latest work Emotional Synthesis, the pristine sound and virtual visual universe of Morié created by Chloe Alexandra Thompson with Matt Henderson, and the ebulliently critical new performance based on their latest release Plastic Anniversary by Matmos—joining the already announced holographic, AI avatar performance YONA, by Ash Koosha.
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MTELUS — © Bruno Destombes

The Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nocturnes all occupy the expansive MTELUS with respectively: the all-live, all-improvised 6hr performance by Circle Of Live; local producer CMD has been added to the techno-centric bill with Lotus Eater, TM404 and Blawan; while the annual until dawn program, the crescendo of the festival, sees Gene Tellem, Project Pablo, Wajatta, Jlin, Nicola Cruz and Call Super uplifting the big stage.

Nocturne 3

August 22, 2019 — from 9pm to 3am
This year MUTEK hands an entire evening program to the epic, all-live, all-improvising, rotating collective Circle Of Live—an unprecedented programming decision that will see Sebastien Mullaert (Minilogue) conduct a cast of seasoned musicians through a six-hour electronic music jam—featuring Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson, Mathew Jonson and Matt Karmil.
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Circle Of Live

Nocturne 4

August 23, 2019 — from 9pm to 2am
Friday night’s program is dedicated entirely to the techno sciences: with the North American debut of UK beat professor Blawan and his clobbering warehouse sound; Rrose and Lucy, as Lotus Eater perform a mind-expanding, body-inciting live set replete with ominous psychoacoustic effects; TM404 bends time with his acid-tinged robot dubs; and local producer CMD sets the table with her refined and driving rhythm and texture.
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Nocturne 5

August 24, 2019 — from 10pm to 6am
Until 6am Sunday, the all-nighter overflows with funk and groove: tech house producer John Tejada fuses with multidisciplinary artist Reggie Watts to become Wajatta; Nicola Cruz makes an exclusive appearance with his avant-cumbia swing and visuals by Fidel Eljuri; artified-footwork queen Jlin spreads her charismatic beat gospel; Project Pablo debuts his new live direction, melding his sunny, hand-made house with techno effects; Gene Tellem delivers a house-infected live set and Call Super takes it beyond dawn.
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Nocturne 6

August 25, 2019 — from 9pm to 12am
Sunday returns to Les Studios des 7 Doigts for a 2-room extravaganza meant to land festivalgoers in the sweet spot. Downstairs begins with Martin Tétreault and Susanna Hood as Tortues Vapeur, an intuitive tuning between the players on turntables, found objects, synths and electronics; then Norwegian Bendik Giske uses his saxophone as an interface for strange grooves, Guillaume Coutu-Dumont premieres Auflassen, featuring a live band and his recent almost-jazz creations, Matt Karmil picks up the thread with his gauzy, minimalist house-techno narratives, and Canadian-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ who has a long and storied history with the festival, The Mole. Upstairs, Desert Bloom bends her classical piano flourishes into delicate rhythmic shapes; West Coast, hand-made house producer Khotin layers melodies and beats; Persuasion is a new incarnation of restrained and electroacoustic-informed art-techno by Devon Hansen; Brooklyn’s Beta Librae goes to the lush borderlands of house and techno, providing a dubbed-out afterglow with a tinge of reggaeton swing, and Montréal’s Priori plays a live set of his acid-corroded house, tweaky trance loops, and spaced-out breakbeats.
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Consult the full MUTEK 20 program here.

Les Studios des 7 Doigts

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