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Tokyo, September 26, 2019
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MUTEK.JP introduces the first wave of artists

MUTEK JP introduces the first wave of artists

Akiko Nakayama​ (JP) / Daito Manabe + Kamitani Lab​ (JP) / Falaises​ (CA/QC) / ​Hiroaki Umeda (JP) / ​ ​Kode9 & Koji Morimoto (UK+JP) / ​LADA (Dasha Rush & Lars Hemmerling)​ (RU+DE) / Line Katcho​ (CA/QC) / ​Myriam Bleau​ (CA/QC) / ​Norimichi Hirakawa​ (JP) / ​Push 1 stop & Wiklow​ (CA/QC) / ​Ryoichi Kurokawa​ (JP) / ​Sakura Tsuruta​ (JP) / ​Tim Hecker & The Konoyo Ensemble​ (CA+JP) / ​Yosi Horikawa​ (JP) / ​Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima​ (JP)

Tokyo, September 26​th, 2019​ ​ — On December 11–15, 2019, MUTEK.JP reconvenes in Shibuya to feature innovative audiovisual territories lying beneath the surface. The unravelling of local and international artists presenting this year gently introduces the wide breadth of digital arts. The curation of the fourth edition premieres Asian and Japanese artists, as well as final performances by pioneers. The natural progression is to cultivate these connections as it opens up space for emerging concepts and unique audio-visual performances. The open international circuit of forward-thinking artists keeps for a constant flux of cultural growth, creativity and excitement.

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Get the full spectrum of MUTEK.JP with the 5-day passport! Now offering a limited early-bird rate for the value of ¥20,000. Highly recommended for leisurely meanders in the discovery of new artists and for exploring local venues. The pass secures access to all night-time performances at the Shibuya Stream Hall (Wed, Thu, Fri), LINE CUBE (Sat, Sun), and Liquidroom (Sat). The 5-day passport is only available to people over 20 years of age.

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First confirmed artists introduction

This year ​Daito Manabe​ returns to MUTEK.JP accompanied by the​ Kamitani Lab of Kyoto University​ to perform “dissonant imaginary”. An insightful audio-visual piece created based on findings to illustrate how sound shapes the images formed in the brain. Alongside ​Dr. Yukiyasu Kamitani, ​Manabe developed a tool to tap into his own nervous system and study brain activity using an MRI scanner.

At the forefront of intercultural projects are ​Tim Hecker & the Konoyo Ensemble​. The Canadian composer interweaves ambient drones and noise while the traditional ensemble of the imperial court plays Gagaku. The beautiful juxtaposition of ancient Japanese culture allows for a pensive journey echoing the past onto contemporary realities.

Don’t miss the worldwide finale of the founder of Hyperdub Records label Kode9 ​and anime​ legend ​Koji Morimoto. Morimoto is a Japanese anime director and animator who is well-known​ for works such as Akira, Magnetic Rose and Dimension Bomb. Last chance to embody the spectacle!

Last month, “subassemblies” by ​Ryoichi Kurokawa​ made a successful debut at MUTEK Montreal. Kurokawa will deliver an audiovisual concert in Tokyo for the first time after 7 years. The latest project of Kurokawa is a sensorial immersion of the social complexities laying in built urban environments. Experience the array of sound and light composition for this piece at the LINE CUBE (Shibuya Koukaido).

Pushing the A/V boundaries with Kurokawa at the LINE CUBE are French Canadians ​Line Katcho ​and the trio ​Falaises​, meaning “cliffs” in English, and Japanese multidisciplinary dancer Hiroaki Umeda​. ​Push 1 Stop​ channels back to the festival with “Membrane”, a live algorithmic performance, alongside the sonically versed ​Wiklow​.

LADA ​comprises of the boundless ​Dasha Rush​ and Berliner ​Lars Hemmerling​. The live techno duo layers thoughtfully to enrapture with experimental undertones and dark industrial reverberations that’ll drive you straight to the dancefloor. Find LADA at Liquidroom.

Keep an eye on rising Japanese performers like mixed-media painter, ​Akiko Nakayama ​and groundbreaking producers Sakura Tsuruta ​and​ Yosi Horikawa​. Plus, follow the buzz​ in​ computer programming with ​Norimichi Hirakawa​ and an exclusive collaboration of great longstanding video game music composers ​Yuzo Koshiro​ ​&​ ​Motohiro Kawashima​.

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