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Tokyo, September 03, 2019
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MUTEK.JP Edition 4

MUTEK JP Edition 4

The fourth edition of MUTEK.JP prepares for return to Shibuya on December 11–15, 2019. It’s back to the frenzied pace, layered whirs and famed city bustle where MUTEK.JP sprung up from in 2016. The latest redevelopments in the city of Shibuya have laid out the groundwork to act as Japan’s core for cutting-edge tech and socio-cultural innovation, and it is primed for international recognition as a hub. MUTEK.JP’s intrinsic shift back to the modern core follows a long-term vision to strengthen international ties by 2020 with the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games, which coincides directly with the fifth anniversary of MUTEK.JP next year. MUTEK.JP flourishes –within hyperlocal and global spheres– as an institution situated in East Asia with the mandate to bridge disciplines and offers a platform fostering cross-cultural exchange through digital art and electronic music.

MUTEK.JP has curated a lineup that will cast a light on artists from East and Southeast Asia. During the 5-day 2019 festivities, MUTEK.JP will delve into a range of fields and topics in its performative and discursive program. The first focus will revolve around artificial intelligence and the technology used in the realm of art and music. Another focal point lies within a household segment on immersive environments and A/V explorations in augmented reality, virtual reality and other immersive environments to engulf viewers into the minds of artists. Over the years, MUTEK.JP has continually strived to provide an open creative playground for all. Diversity, inclusion and safe spaces are all central topics within the festival’s panel discussion to bring forward social impact and creating an open and welcoming festival atmosphere.

After 2 orbits in sonic exploration at the high-tech museum Miraikan, MUTEK.JP 2019 prepares for landing in close proximity to Shibuya station. The command center of the festival is in a mid-size venue at the Shibuya Stream Hall featuring the Nocturne series. The freshly renovated Shibuya Koukaido will reopen its doors in October and will present the A/Visions series, which will be the most experimental and immersive performances of the festival. As for all-nighters, Liquidroom will be the weekend playground for night owls. The discourse segments for this year will invite the urban hive mind into the Hikarie Hall B, the Stream Hall and a special program at EDGEof.

Open Call for AI Music Lab

Leading up to the festival— between November 8-18— MUTEK.JP will collaborate with Gamma Festival and EDGEof to lead a multidisciplinary laboratory using artificial intelligence in the creation of sound and music.

The lab will gather musicians, composers, sound artists, musicologists, programmers, researchers, engineers and curators alike to jointly explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and art. The participants will examine the applications of AI in through soundscape composition, as well as noise and techno music production. Ultimately, the best results will be presented at the upcoming instalment of MUTEK.JP festival on December 11-15, 2019.

The call for applications for the AI Music Lab is now open to local and international artists. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, September 20th, and the results will be announced on Friday, September 27th. The selection of the lab participants will be carried out after careful evaluation of their portfolios (in English or Japanese) and brief motivation letters (in English).

Participation in the lab is free for the selected candidates. Participants will need to bring their personal computers with adequate computing power to the lab. The main language of the lab is English with selected talks being held in Japanese. Any local or international transportation, accommodation costs or living expenses need to be covered by the participants. MUTEK.JP provides visa application support, if necessary, and the invitation of the best lab participants to present their work at the festival.

Send your portfolio (English or Japanese) and motivation letter (English only) to

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