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Barcelona, March 17, 2021
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More than 35 names lead the first wave of this Hybrid Edition headed by artists like MRAK (Carmine Conte/Tale Of Us), D. Tiffany, KMRU, CLARAGUILAR, Uji, Kaleema or Klauss.

We reveal the first spaces, collaborative projects and activities of the 12th edition of MUTEK Barcelona.

From the 3rd to the 9th of May, the 12th edition of MUTEK Barcelona Festival will be presented in a hybrid format (physical events in different venues in Barcelona, retransmitted on the platform As previously announced, this edition will be held jointly with our partners in Buenos Aires, MUTEK AR, and will be accompanied by performances from the other headquarters of the MUTEK International Network with their Connect programs from Canada, Mexico and Japan.

MUTEKES presents this new edition with optimism and as an act, not only of resilience but, also as a sign of support for the local and international cultural sector. The past edition of the festival, was one of the last events held normally in 2020, and this motivates us to help reignite the flame and passion for festivals - in a #CulturaSegura format - in the country.

First wave of artists of the joint edition: MUTEK ES+AR 2021

We unveil the first details of the MUTEK ES+AR 2021 lineup, led mostly by an exciting representation of projects from local artists based in Spain or Argentina, international synergies and institutional projects. As in every MUTEK edition, debuts and premieres are the main focus and, for the first time from Barcelona and Buenos Aires, the public will have the opportunity to experience the virtual platform in parallel to the physical program via

First artists MUTEK Barcelona

CLARAGUILAR (CAT/ES) / D. Tiffany (CA) / Dave Saved (IT) / EVOL (CAT/ES) / exael (US) / KMRU (KE) / MRAK (IT) / NPLGNN (IT) / Seltar (CAT/ES)

MRAK is the revolutionary irruption of Carmine Conte, half of the duo Tale Of Us, in the field of live performance. Loyal to the melodies and harmonies that have led the couple to be one of the most successful names in the international club scene, but also influenced by a year without dancing and partying, Carmine has decided to "innovate and transform", turning the first letters of his name (Karm) and giving birth to MRAK: a project that premieres worldwide at MUTEK ES+AR 2021 - Hybrid Edition, presented with the collaboration of BARTS .

The act combines futuristic lighting technologies with intense harmonies coming from analog machinery, playing with improvisation, modulations and digital sequences, inspired by the model of composer and multi-instrumentalist Vangelis. The cinematic aspect of the performance will favor the immersion of the audience in a total acoustic experience. As if inviting us to discover the truth of all the paths travelled so far as an artist, or as George Orwell would say "in the face of a deception, to tell the truth is a revolutionary act".


Three more world premieres follow: the rising Catalan artist Clara Aguilar (CLARAGUILAR), premiering the live performance of her debut album 'Mystery Is All' (Amen Discs, 2021); a new ambient live set by Canadian-Quebec artist, D. Tiffany; the live premiere of Seltar, the new project in which Barcelona producer Olaf Blanch develops a sound based on breaks and experimental jungle.

This year we support the fifth session of the Rarefacció program promoted by Hangar which presents the showcase of the Athens label Hypermedium, focused on the exploration of contemporary electronic music. The program presents the performances of the Italians Dave Saved (aka Davide Salvati) and NPLGNN (aka Giovanni Napolano) and the Catalan icon EVOL (aka Roc Jiménez de Cisneros).


Debuting in Spain, the Americans exael and the Nairobi artist, currently based in Berlin, KMRU who will present a sample of the depth and range of cutting-edge hypnotic drone sounds that have made him one of the ambient producers of the moment.

First artists MUTEK AR

Ana Heilpern (AR) / Barrio Lindo (AR) / Edy Fung (UK) / Efe Ce Ele (CO/AR) / Euge Choque (AR) / Flor de Fuego (Live Coding) (AR) / Forma (AR) / Giselle Huascarriaga (AR) / GLOR1A (UK) / Jonas Kopp (AR) / Jorge Haro (AR/ES) / Kaleema (AR) / Kathy Hinde (UK) / Klauss (AR) / Las Olas (AR) / Libby Heaney (UK) / Lila Tirando a Violeta & Manuela Vilanova (UY) / Lucas DM (AR) / Mettapana (AR) / Novilunio (AR) / Qeei (AR) / Sebastián Verea (AR) / Seph (AR) / Sol Rezza (AR) / Uji (AR)

MUTEKAR provides a series of premiere content for the festival's online platform. Uji premieres a show with a reformulated stage concept based on the music of a new album. Kaleema presents for the first time the concert created for Utera, his latest album (Wonderwheel Recordings). Barrio Lindo formulates a live performance specially made for the festival with ambient and organic sounds, with images by Euge Choque. Las Olas is Sidirum's ambient project: electronics and string quartet, with images by Giselle Huascarriaga and Lucas DM. The emblematic Klauss also present new material with a musical premiere in an improvisational show with visuals by Novilunio. Metapana molds its crossover project: contemporary dance, digital art and bandoneon. And Seph offers a danceable live show with a renewed techno sound.


In addition, Amplify, the initiative that connects an active network of female-identified artists, in collaboration with the British Council and Somerset House Studios, is participating again in this edition of the festival. The program includes performances by South Americans Efe Ce Ele, Flor de Fuego, Sol Rezza, Qeei and Lila Tirando a Violeta & Manuela Vilanova, British artists Libby Heaney, Kathy Hinde and Heather Lander, while several Canadian artists will be featured in the second wave of information of MUTEKAR.

First venues of the 12th edition of the MUTEK Barcelona festival:

This edition of the Festival is more decentralized than ever, promoting collaborations and synergies with creative and educational centers and exhibition spaces such as concert halls and theaters both in Barcelona and, for the first time, in L'Hospitalet del Llobregat. Always adapting to health regulations, in order to offer an experience in #CulturaSegura format.

The first venues confirmed for this edition are: BARTS, Roca Barcelona Gallery, Institut Français, Sala Apolo, Hangar, Pumarejo, The Bass Valley BCN, IED, IAAC and BAU.

Roca Barcelona Gallery and MUTEKES present a third edition of its cycle 'Sculpted With Light & Sound" commissioning a new proposal focused on the experimentation of spatial design around light and sound.

As it could not be otherwise, the festival returns to one of its reference venues, the auditorium of the Institut Français, hosting once again the X/Visions program focused on electro-acoustic performances that explore the sculptural capacities of sound and visuals.

The emblematic Sala Apolo in Barcelona will also host the festival again, although this year it will not host the NOCTURNE program (dedicated to the dance floor), but a special PLAY program (afternoon/evening) of concerts adapted to the current context.

The festival is thrilled to return to BARTS, where historically some of the festival's most spectacular shows have been presented as part of the A/Visions program. In this 12th edition BARTS is collaborating with the World Premiere presentation of Carmine Conte's (Tale Of Us) project, MRAK.

For the first time, MUTEK ES visits the city of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat presenting a program of activities by the hand of two of its creative spaces: Pumarejo, original cultural incubation space in Vallcarca and now moved to L'Hospitalet; and The Bass Valley BCN, a cultural center in which artists can develop their career in all its aspects. MUTEKES has also joined The Bass Valley and La Asociación Mujeres en la Industria Musical (MiM) in the MIMTEK Scholarship program, more info here.

As part of the Digi Lab program of activities, focused on generating synergies with artists and high-level educational and training centers around sound, design and digital creation, this edition reconnects with the artists of the future in these areas by presenting an exhibition circuit in different spaces of the city with pieces generated by students of the University Center of Design of Barcelona BAU, the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia IAAC, and the Instituto Europeo di Design IED.

Enjoy the festival in #CulturaSegura format. All physical events will have a very limited seating capacity. In addition, protocols will be established for distancing between rows and seats, registration and control of attendees, orderly and regulated exits, and cleaning and hygiene devices, in order to comply with the health measures and safety restrictions stipulated, both for the general public, as well as for the artists and staff present in all activities.


Passports for the entire festival can be purchased at a price of 80 € through the portal, La Vanguardia Club subscribers have a 20% discount. The first individual tickets are already on sale.

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Acknowledgements MUTEKES would like to thank its partners for their support in making our cultural activities possible: ICEC (Generalitat de Catalunya), ICUB (Ajuntament de Barcelona), Roca, Estrella Damm,, Embajada de Canadá en España, Bureau du Québec en Barcelona, Institut Français, Fundación Japón, BARTS, IAAC, UIC, Phonos/UPF, IED, BAU, La Vanguardia, Radio3_Rne, Resident Advisor, DJ Mag España, Mixmag Spain, Clubbingspain, Beatburguer, Oci Magazine, Good2b.

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