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Barcelona, January 24, 2024
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Second wave of artists for MUTEK Barcelona's 15th bash

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Daito Manabe, Grand River, Vegyn, Yamila and Roméo Poirier among the new confirmed artists

MUTEK Barcelona unveils the full artistic program for its 15th anniversary edition in Barcelona. The festival returns from April 9 to 13, 2024 with a lineup full of novelty and eclecticism, made up of a total of 28 international and national digital artists and electronic musicians. After the announcement last December of the first wave of artists, and with all Passports sold out, the festival presents theses new additions to the program and puts the individual tickets for each event on sale.

Joining the first confirmed artists for MUTEK's fifteenth anniversary, Daito Manabe, Vegyn, Grand River, Yamila, Romeo Poirier & Ohme, Efe Ce Ele, Honeydrip, Acid Thermal, Amantra, DJ Metaforas, LANAV and Jehia; who complete the lineup with the already confirmed Autechre, Ricardo Villalobos, Hatis Noit, Actress,Martin Messier, Sofia Kourtesis, Nick León & Ezra Miller, HiTech, Iglooghost, Jlin, Pelada, DATUM CUT, Maher Daniel, Michelle, Sian Fan and SPIME. IM.

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The most innovative and disruptive festival, originating in Québec, Canada, returns to Barcelona stronger than ever, with a vision that encourages the exchange of ideas with creatives from all over the world and with outstanding avant-garde performances that represent the constant mutation between the past, present and future. The program for this anniversary edition includes a wide variety of presentations including live performances, A/V shows and installations, and will be distributed in 5 different locations: Sala Apolo, Nitsa/Astin, Roca Gallery, Paral-lel 62 and Antigua Fábrica Estrella Damm.

MUTEK, once again, aims to discover and highlight new talents emerging from the global artistic and digital landscape, with some of the local scene’s most promising talents taking the stage with their DJ sets, immersive audiovisual experiences and incendiary concerts. For 5 days music and digital creativity will merge to offer a unique experience that will transport audiences to other dimensions.



Acid Thermal (VE/ES ) / Amantra (CO/ES) / Daito Manabe (JP) / DJ Metaforas (CAT/ES) / Efe Ce Ele (CO/ES) / Grand River (IT) / Honeydrip (CA/QC) / LANAV (CAT/ES) / Roméo Poirier & Ohm (BE) / Vegyn (UK) / Yamila (ES/BE) / Jehia (EG/ES)

Distinguished premieres:

One of the most prominent and exciting confirmations in the program is none other than Daito Manabe, the multimedia artist, programmer, and DJ who arrives direct from Japan to premiere his new AV show for the first time in Spain, based on careful observation to discover and elucidate the essential potentialities inherent in the human body, data, programming, computers and other phenomena. Manabe explores the interrelationships and limits that delimit the analogue and the digital, the real and the virtual. His performance is presented thanks to the support of the Japan Foundation. Returning to the festival is Grand River, the Italian-Dutch composer and audio designer Aimée Portioli, an expert in creating hypnotic, experimental music. At MUTEK Barcelona she will present "All Above" in collaboration with the Instituto Italiano di Cultura Barcelona, an audiovisual show that explores the depths of orchestral sound, organic textures, electronics and synthesis.

Vegyn, producer, DJ, designer and PLZ label boss Make It Ruins, will debut at the festival with an AV show for his new album "The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions", an album that represents the culmination of many years of experience and refinement, and is the sound of an artist at the top of his game. With the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques, the festival presents Spanish composer, cellist, singer and producer Yamila, who experiments with the emotional textures of Spanish folklore and the possibilities of contemporary electronica to envelop us in a ritual-moment that revisits narratives of redemption, mysticism and collective wounds; Belgian musician Roméo Poirier presents the new Live AV project entitled Tales of Entropy, in collaboration with the Brussels-based creative & tech studio, Ohme. Fusing analogue and digital creation tools, Tales of Entropy is a sensitive exploration of the structures of organic matter under the prism of a daring musical expressionism.

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Other additions to the lineup:

Acid Thermal: The Venezuelan visual artist and videographer regular at many of the big club nights in Barcelona creating an atmosphere and connection between the audience and the DJ.

Amantra: Born in Venezuela and based in Barcelona, she has positioned herself as one of the most exciting artists in Latin America offering catharsis and ecstasy on the dancefloors of all the clubs in the city.

DJ Metaforas: the alias or meme behind Frankie Pizá, a DJ from Barcelona whose entity is defined by expressive, rhythmic and eclectic impulses.

Efe Ce Ele: Feli Cabrera López is a Colombian musician, producer and transmedia artist based in Barcelona, whose work is the product of experimentation and emotionality, and is characterised by a personal style that defies strict genre categorisations.

Honeydrip: One of the most prominent names in the current Montreal underground DJ scene for her creative and eclectic mixes. She comes to Barcelona to envelop the audience for in an incredible festival closing DJ set.

Jehia: The Cairo-born, Barcelona-based DJ is earning his hype in both local and international scenes and has created a unique style that is both dark and energetic.

LANAV: Her sessions, which have caused a stir in Barcelona's club night scene, take listeners on an emotional rollercoaster, mixing experimental sounds, electrifying breaks and resonant bass lines that pulsate with energy.



After having sold out the Passports, individual tickets for all MUTEK Barcelona activities and events are being released today, as well as a limited number of Saturday Passes. In addition, you can also check the full programme of the festival by days. If you want to be part of our 15th anniversary celebrations, don't miss out on your ticket!


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