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Montréal, September 25, 2023
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MUTEK and Latin America: A History of Artistic Innovation

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This week, MUTEK is shining a light on its connections with the South American communities.


In 2003, Chile became the first country in Latin America to host MUTEK. For those who experienced this iconic moment in Valparaíso, which repeated in 2004, as well as the 2007 evening at Industria Cultural in Santiago, or the MICRO MUTEK edition in 2011 at GAM, the name MUTEK unquestionably evokes the exploration of technology, innovation, and artistic experimentation.

Fortunately, 2023 offers us a new opportunity to reconnect thanks to the MICRO MUTEK.CL event. The goal is to pick up where we left off, bringing together electronic musicians and local digital artists, and reimagining a new vision that promotes digital creativity and the exchange of ideas with creatives from around the world.

MICRO MUTEK.CL will take place from Wednesday, September 27 to Saturday, September 30, featuring 5 venues, over 30 shows and performances, around ten interviews and discussions, showcasing more than 30 local artists alongside international guests, including Sergio Mora-Díaz CL, Oktopus Art Studio CL, Trimex CL, Roman Flügel DE, Fantasna CL, Ali Phi CA, Cubecatz AR, and many others.

MUTEK's introduction to a city goes beyond its artists; it also embraces the city itself, its spaces, and its lifestyles, creating a unique experience with each edition. MICRO MUTEK.CL will be held in iconic buildings such as the Schacht Palace, the daring Gibraltar building, the Teatro Oriente, the Sala Omnium, and the legendary microclub Santo Remedio.

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MUTEK Argentina

To strengthen collaboration ties within the festival network, the Argentine duo Cubecatz will perform in Santiago de Chile, while Trimex Collective will cross the Andes to have the privilege of playing at both MICRO MUTEK events: Chile and Argentina. This opens up new opportunities for artists to perform in other cities where MUTEK is present.

Latin America has played an active role in the festival's history since 2003, with a main festival edition in Mexico, and various events in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil. MUTEK Argentina, in particular, has left its mark as a platform for artistic innovation and cultural convergence.

Get ready for the 5th physical edition of the new era that started in 2017, a compact but robust MICRO MUTEK.AR version, filled with substance, featuring over 60 artists in 4 venues over 3 days in Argentina. Stay tuned for an unforgettable artistic experience!

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In Montreal as well, South American artists were represented with 5 performances: AAAA MX, Ale Hop PE, Efe Ce Ele CO/ES, Indus CO, and Outro AR

MUTEK24 20230825 AAAA Frédérique Ménard Aubin 2 min
MUTEK24 20230826 Ale Hop Bruno Aiello Destombes 019 min
MUTEK24 20230824 Efe Ce Ele Nina Gibelin Souchon 1736
MUTEK24 20230822 Indus Viviengaumand 16 min
MUTEK24 20230825 Outro Nina Gibelin Souchon 048


To present this story from South America to the world, we are partnering with ZZK Records to present LatAmTronica:

LatAmTronica is a project that seeks to bring together, decode, and reveal the stories around electronic music production in Latin America. A place where electronic creativity has been thriving for more than six decades, full of significant works that deserve recognition worldwide.

Artists, moments, and stories told in Spanish and Portuguese, with various accents. Stories where machines and electronic processes form a true language and creative expression.

Discover the project in this video:

Latamtronica IG 01 Teaser
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