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Montréal, February 26, 2019
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MUTEK 20 integrates forum IMG

MUTEK 20 integrates forum IMG

MUTEK_IMG, a forum on current practices in digital creation, originally conceived as a complementary off-season conference in Montréal, has been redefined and reconfigured to become a core element of the annual festival’s professional daytime programming. Taking place inside the framework of MUTEK’s 20th edition, the fifth iteration of MUTEK_IMG will begin on Tuesday, August 20 and run until Thursday, August 22.

IMG: From Image to Imagination

With its first editions dedicated to visual digital creation and a myriad of related practical and theoretical content, the festival takes the opportunity of its milestone anniversary to reimagine the conference even further beyond its origins. From image to imagination, IMG will express a wide variety of topics concerned with new technologies and artistic practices; providing a high-level context for professionals, practitioners, and creative companies to showcase and explore contemporary issues and engage in dialogues that ignite new ideas and generate business opportunities.

In tandem with the festival’s performance programming and an exhibition of works related to IMG’s discursive content, the forum emphasizes the ingenuity and creativity of Québec, Canadian and international thinkers and creators operating at the fore—aiming to inspire, create opportunities for collaboration and showcase the dynamism of our communities, propelling them even further onto the world stage.

An Expanded View on Contemporary Creation

Montréal’s long, rich history as an international nexus of forward-looking art and industry provides the backdrop for MUTEK’s particular perspective with IMG, and its aim of creating a globally-tuned forum. Organized around four main axes, the 3 days of activities examine: artistic creation, technological innovation, industry, and contemporary issues in our digital society—with a series of keynotes, panels and workshops. Specific topics include, artificial intelligence, immersive media including virtual and mixed reality, audiovisual practices, blockchain in artistic contexts, spatial sound, speculative design, and the state of curatorship and criticism in our milieu.

Underpinned by the festival’s commitments to gender parity, diversity and a conscientious understanding of the current political, cultural and environmental issues defining our times, IMG is framed to distinguish itself by drawing these threads through the entire forum.

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