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Barcelona, March 11, 2021
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FJM10 X MUTEK ES: Arte y tecnología en Japón en el 10º aniversario de Fundación Japón, Madrid

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The Fundación Japón in Madrid reaches the last days of the commemoration of its 10th Anniversary and to celebrate a collaboration that during the last years has allowed us to enjoy the best Japanese digital art at MUTEK ES, we will present three shows, online and completely free of charge, in which music and visual arts will be the protagonists: the show 傀儡神楽 ALTER the android KAGURA, a concert by pianist Eiichi Sawado with the visual accompaniment of painter Akiko Nakayama and a performance by sound artist FUJI|||||||||||TA.

The program is complemented by an interview with Takashi Ikegami, professor of General Systems Science at the University of Tokyo, and head of the 傀儡神楽 ALTER the android KAGURA project, and a talk by Maurice Jones, artistic director of MUTEK JP, on current digital creation in Japan.

Dates: Thursday, March 18 to Wednesday, March 28, 2021.

Access: Online. The shows will be available at and the lectures on the YouTube channel of Fundación Japón, Madrid. Both shows and lectures will be available from Thursday, March 18 at 12.00h.

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傀儡神楽 ALTER the android KAGURA.

傀儡 (kugutsu) means "a doll" in Japanese. 神楽 (kagura) is a ceremonial ritual dance dedicated to the spirits, performed in this case by Alter 3, a humanoid robot developed to explore the possibilities of communication with humans, and a nô theater actor.

Concert by Eiichi Sawado & Akiko Nakayama

Contemporary pianist Eiichi Sawado offers a concert in collaboration with painter Akiko Nakayama. Eiichi Sawado is a Japanese musician, music theorist and pianist whose field of research includes 20th century contemporary experimental music, focusing specifically on Morton Feldman and Cornelius Cardew. Akiko Nakayama is a painter who figures the beauty of conveying the metamorphosis of energy through various media such as installation, photos and performance. The result is a unique visual and sound experience.


Performance by sound artist FUJI|||||||||||TA / 藤|||||||||||田

FUJI|||||||||||TA works in a wide range of fields, such as sound installations, soundtrack for films and music for dance works, while in his solo performances he focuses on performing with his own pipe organ, his voice and water (water tank). Following his motivation to hear sounds he had not heard before, he explores music incorporating all kinds of phenomena, media and situations.


In conversation with Takashi Ikegami: ALIFE = ART + SCI.

Dialogue between Takashi Ikegami, Professor of General Systems Science at the University of Tokyo and head of the 傀儡神楽 ALTER the android KAGURA project, and Maurice Jones, artistic director of MUTEK JP, on Professor Ikegami's work combining art and science.

Creator's Report Tokyo - Maurice Jones

A report on digital creation in Tokyo, in particular, and Japan, in general, by Maurice Jones artistic director of MUTEK JP. Maurice Jones is a curator, producer and AI policy researcher based in Tokyo, Japan. After dabbling in journalism and business consulting, he has produced, curated and publicized the MUTEK JP electronic music and digital arts festival following his arrival in Tokyo in 2016.

All shows were presented and recorded for MUTEK JP edition.

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