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Montréal, August 14, 2021
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Our commitment to ecology

Entangled Others DE This Jellyfish Does Not Exist

Visual: "This Jellyfish Does Not Exist" by Entangled Others

This year, MUTEK is back with an online and indoor edition in Montreal.

We are looking forward to welcoming festival-goers in various venues across the city. Ecology has long been at the heart of MUTEK's concerns. This year we have established an action plan to go even further in reducing the environmental impact of the Festival and the Forum.

And since eco-responsibility is everyone's business, we invite you to read the 10 key points of our plan:

  • Reduce waste:
    This year we will recycle disposable masks, consign 100% of cans served at the bar, recycle and compost, use the outdoor signage from 2019 for the Experience stage.
    > Please help us by making sure you put the right waste in the right bin.

  • Zero plastic:
    Single-use water bottles are banned, as are disposable cups—this has been the case for several years. Reusable glasses (Ecocup) will be available in all the bars of all the venues of the Festival and the Forum.
    > Remember to bring your own reusable bottle. Free water will be available.

  • Local food and beverages:
    Beer from the Dunham Brewery, Seltzer soft drinks and gin from the Bleu Royal distillery will be available at the bar.
Enjoy the flavours of Quebec
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Dunham Brasserie
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Belu Royal Gin
  • Transportation:
    All Festival and Forum venues are accessible by public transportation (STM). They are located near BIXI bike stations. All venues are within walking distance of each other. Choose one of these modes of transportation or carpool to get to the festival.
    > Please use environmentally-friendly transportation to come to the Festival.
  • Reduction of print materials for communication purposes
    All printing is done on recycled paper, with recycled and natural ink.
    > Please use our digital tools to consult the program and do not print your ticket.
Do not print your ticket.
  • ACT backstage certification:
    The Festival and Forum boxes are ACT certified and guarantee respect for ecological practices.
    Learn more about ACT

  • CO2 offsetting: MUTEK commits to compensate all flights of artists, guests, speakers and team members through the Planetair reforestation project.
    Learn more about Planetair

  • Ecology within our programming:
    This year, MUTEK Forum presents the conference "A Green Revival of the Music Industry" with Love Ssega from the EarthPercent organization for environmental sustainability co-founded by Brian Eno, in conversation with engaged artist Matthew Herbert.

    Book your MUTEK Forum Passport
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Matthew H Erbert
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  • Lifecycle project:
    MUTEK is part of the project led by Femmes en Environnement, the Conseil Québécois des Événements Écoresponsables - CQEER and Ageco on the analysis of the life cycle of events in Quebec.
  • Data collection:
    To better reduce and control our impact, data collection is essential: waste, transportation, online consumption—all data will be collected. This will allow us to mark our progress in previous efforts, such as in the reduction of printing and waste achieved in recent years.
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