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Wenxin ZhangCN

Wenxin Zhang<sup>CN</sup>
Wenxin Zhang

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Wenxin Zhang is a Chinese artist currently living in Hangzhou, China. She utilizes video, CG and photography in her installations while combining writing and music in her process-oriented perceptual experience. Zhang’s artistic process starts from observations of everyday experience as well as technical images, which grow into the continuous mapping on time and transcendence. She sees herself as a land surveyor, one who conceives maps as guides through the physical and spiritual worlds. She has received her MFA degree at California College of the Arts in 2013. She has completed many artist residencies, including at the Muffatwerk in Munich, Germany. She has exhibited her artworks throughout China and North America, including at InterAccess (Toronto), the Goethe-Institut (Beijing), The Clemente (New York) and the Guangdong Museum (Guangzhou). Wenxin Zhang has also worked on curatorial projects in San Francisco, Beijing and Shanghai.


Hangzhou-based media artist Wenxin Zhang, paving digital highways that cross different states of consciousness.


This year, she has worked on an interactive installation titled Slimy blues from Speckled Shores, a musical instrument that responds to human touch.


Zhang has collaborated with MUTEK participant Xuan Ye on filing the Klein bottle, an installation that navigates the touristic impulse of contemporary cyber-capitalist culture.