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Vladislav Delay<sup>FI</sup>
Vladislav Delay

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Since 1997, Sasu Ripatti’s prolific Vladislav Delay moniker has produced some of the most arresting and deeply woven experimental dub-techno committed to record. An alumnus of the classic Chain Reaction and Mille Plateaux catalogues, Delay’s musical landscape is an echo chamber of abstract bass, weaving subtle and complexly corroded rhythms through an epic framework that drifts along at a glacial pace. The nine albums in the Vladislav Delay discography – his latest is 2009’s “Tummaa” – borrow as loosely from his European jazz roots as they do from Jamaican dub. The last time Ripatti brought the Delay oeuvre to MUTEK was back in 2000, at the inaugural festival. That two-and-a-hour set, available on the MUTEK website, is the stuff of legends. This year, Ripatti also brings this musical range to his other appearance at the festival, as the drummer for the Moritz von Oswald Trio. These days, Ripatti runs his own boutique label, Huume, where he releases the majority of his many aliases. A restless practitioner of numerous genres, Ripatti is just as well known for his long-running house alias, Luomo, and his more techno-leaning side project, Uusitalo.