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Andrés Terrisse, also known as Andrew, and Juan José Aldunce, also known as Jota, along with Vincenzo Traverso, known as VNZO, are a collective of sound engineers and multidisciplinary artists. They have participated in various events and festivals, including FESTIVAL MUTEK 2012, Bienal de Video y Artes Mediales (Biennial of Video and Media Arts) in its X, XI, and XII editions, Festival de las Artes de Valparaíso 2015, Sónar Santiago 2015, Sónar Barcelona 2016, ICC/NTT Tokyo, Japan in 2017, Festival Barrio Arte 2018, and the 4th Encuentro de Arte y Ciencia (Art and Science Meeting) in 2018.

They are currently artists in residence at CEINA since 2018, where they work on multidisciplinary projects in the fields of art, culture, and outreach. Their installations and content are known for their originality and use of advanced techniques in line with contemporary art.

The members are musicians actively involved in the local music scene, spanning various musical genres, including ambient, drone, trip hop, noise, and techno.