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SoulPhiction avec/feat. Suzana RozkosnyDE

SoulPhiction avec/feat. Suzana Rozkosny<sup>DE</sup>
SoulPhiction avec/feat. Suzana Rozkosny

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Known for having pulled off the first 'hip-hop jam' in the Stuttgart region, for being at the head of the Philpot/Phil_e labels, for his ManmadeScience project formed in 2000 with Phlegmatic and Nik Reiff, or for his works as his alter ego Jackmate or Supatone, Michel Baumann has for 15 years explored different creeds of musical creation. Since 1998, he's produced, under the name SoulPhiction, a suave and profound style of 'house' music in the purest tradition of ThreeChairs or Motown. With conscious shifts of rhythm, and a restless yet hard-working low-level style of bass, he entices the audience to stir it up, while Suzana Rozkosny is onboard to make sure they do. A Hamburg native and singer for GirlzKlubs, her voice will marvellously compliment the arrangements of SoulPhiction-concocting a smooth musical amalgam possessing characteristics both exhilarating and refreshing.