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R Weng

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Pioneering a sound that skates between meditative and deeply propulsive, Richard Wenger has spent the last half-decade diligently carving out a style of gauzy, introspective ambient techno that bubbles with acidic undertones. Finding deep meaning in repetition, R Weng balances blissful ambience with sweeping, trancey momentum.

Growing up in Montréal, Wenger laid the foundation for what would become Temple Records from a decade-long friendship with several friends from high school, including Adam Feingold (aka Ex-Terrestrial). Life Principles, Wenger’s debut EP, championed a unique idealism that Wenger calls a balance of “the naive, the new age, the idealistic and dramatic”— it’s inward-facing techno that feels deeply in touch with the planet—rhythms ebbing and flowing like waves on a beach. Wenger flexed his left-field experimental muscles earlier this year as a conga contributor to the New World Science collective’s debut LP, where MIDI flutes and floating saxophones created world-expanding sound palettes. A forthcoming EP on Cosmic Tones puts Wenger alongside local friends and collaborators such as Priori and Dust-e-1.

Drawing from a vast expanse of musical influences, from experimental dubby reverberations to minimal synth work to analog techno, R Weng promises to embody his many effortless production styles—leading listeners down and ethereal path littered with cosmically tuned-in vibrations.


Temple Records, Cosmic Tones Records


New World Science ‎– Osmos (Movements) (2019)


Part of left-field electronic collective New World Science, and co-founder of Montréal’s foundational Temple Records imprint