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Quantum FoamUK

Quantum Foam<sup>UK</sup>
Quantum Foam

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Derry-based Hong Kong artist Edy Fung produces electronic noise music under the name Quantum Foam. She creates tracks by sampling and synthesizing her own recordings of real-world sounds. Intrigued by topics on hauntology, she has previously focused on capturing sonic environment with a temporal and fleeting nature—such as exhibition spaces, vacant and derelict buildings. Tying electroacoustic practices with New Materialist theories, her current work aims to explore and manipulate these found sounds with machine-listening revealing non-anthropocentric viewpoints, creating site-responsive music. Vibrant matters are sequenced, stretched, and shaped into drone, serialist and sometimes techno genres. She is a visiting artist at Sonic Arts Research Centre since 2019 and has taken on diverse roles in performing, composing and curating sound-art exhibitions in Belfast and Derry.