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An experiment at all levels, punctï pushes performance and improvisation to its expressive limits. A physical and sonic shapeshifter, the punctï project's style varies by collaborator yet consistently hinges on a post-punk reckoning, merging a minimalist musical atmosphere with meditative distortion and noise, striking vocals, hypnotic melody and situationist’s wink.

Spearheaded by artist and writer Laura Bardsley, punctï is an experimental “yes wave” project steeped in “noise, meditation and inner turmoil.”

Set as a phone call to Puncti Enterprises, this mix is much like navigating the automated bureaucracy of late capitalism, with the on-hold music being the most beautiful part of the interaction. It begins on a strong EDM vibe, mirroring the vigor and passion with which we have when calling into a company to get answers. As the wait time sets in, the tracks reflect the forced peace that comes from patience, and then the anger and frustration of still being on hold. Ads pepper the mix as we move forward, and a voice of reason emerges to ease and educate our trying patience. We end with an uncontested boxing match and a click of the receiver.


Montréal-based artist Laura Bardsley and an assortment of collaborators


performance live du Potentiometer de punctï


Each month, Bardsley teams up with a different electronic artist to make an “etude” digital album—recent creative collaborators under the punctï name include Woulg, Ora Cogan and Piper Curtis.