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Luca Mucci, widely known by his stage name Piezo, is an Italian DJ, producer, and sound artist. His music is characterized by its futuristic take and inventive use of synthetic sounds, pulled from breaks, garage beats, techno, industrial and high-energy percussions.
Piezo's journey into music production began in his hometown of Milan, but his sound was significantly shaped during his stay in Bristol, where he immersed himself in the city’s legendary sound system culture.
In recent years, Piezo has released music on notable labels like Idle Hands, Wisdom Teeth, and his own label, Ansia, where sound design is characterized by mischievous attitudes and wry humour. His debut album, Perdu, released on Hundebiss Records, showcases his ability to balance raw sonic textures with polished sound design. Through his label, Piezo not only releases his own music but also supports the works of like-minded artists, contributing to a vibrant dance music culture. His sets are renowned for their energetic and unpredictable nature, charged with raw, earthy textures and crystalline sound design.

Upcoming performances

Montréal 2024


Piezo IT
Live | World Premiere

Piezo offers a fresh live-set, journeying into unexplored sound territories with his signature blend of rapid percussive rhythms and unexpected melodic twists. Drawing inspiration from his experiences in Milan and Bristol’s sound system culture, his set highlights a unique fusion of cultural depth and innovative sound design.

Presented with the support of the Italian Institute of Culture in Montreal.

Piezo (Luca Mucci) is an artist and producer from Milan.